Taking Flight

There is no way to really prepare for the launching of a blog or a book, or any other creative endeavor. I have to believe that anyone who sinks their heart into any of the Arts has to be a HUGE believer; a taker of leaps across deep gorges of fear.

I’m still navigating through this process of blogging. Bear with me while I attempt to set a schedule for my posts, dear kindred souls.

It’s mid-month and I have embarked on three adventures nearly simultaneously. I began a photography ecourse via http://www.susannahconway.com/  on September 3. The course is designed to help the participants focus on the visual aspects of their world. Getting in-touch with our existence in the everyday and photographically recording it all. In doing so, the participants build a photo-journal that they can refer back to at any given moment. This is something that is particularly handy when it comes to blogging. It’s so much easier to express yourself when you can also share a peek of your world.  Who would have thought feet could be so interesting – especially your own? And I have to admit, my feet are not something I’ve thought about much in my life, until recently, when I began to suffer from flat-foot-itis and other related maladies.

Yesterday, I embarked on Flying Lessons via http://kellyraeroberts.com/ and I’m sure it will prove to be quite an adventure. I’m excited about delving into the business of blogging and, of course, how to make it evolve and sync up with my writing career. Small steps, Baby. Small steps.

And today I started my journey with friends as we study Colossians via http://www.goodmorninggirls.org/, on our Promeneurs d’Colossians {Walk with Colossians}. This, in particular, is to nurture my soul and spirit. Yesterday evening at mass, Father Jose said that the water poured into the chalice to mix with the wine is, in essence, our suffering, whatever it may be. It is mixed with the wine and offered up to God. Water {our suffering} + wine {Christ’s blood} = Giving it all over to God. Those simple words hit me unexpectedly and I teared up. Sometimes we are not even aware of just how deeply our suffering affects us. We go along day by day and push it down or away. We “Buckle up, Buttercup,” pull on our bootstraps, and remind ourselves that there are others who have it worse, far worse, than we do — but still, the pains of everyday trials and tribulations weigh us down.

We struggle with family, work & coworkers, friends — and there are times we see their blessings, but fail to see our own. “God’s goodness in another family’s life does not negate His goodness in mine. He is still good. He is still God.” ~ Anonymous

Now that I’ve overcome the fear of launching my blog, I’m learning to fly this contraption and visually record this journey. Putting the proverbial “one foot in front of the other” as I’m “letting go and letting God,” dear friends!


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