Drinking of Paris

“I love everything that’s old — old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wine.” ~ Oliver Goldsmith

This is an unusual evening. Why? Because I have somehow found time to be home after working all day. Ah, isn’t it the plight of most women to run errands after, and sometimes before, working at the office all day? We are remarkable, aren’t we?

Today, however, I managed to have no errands to run. So, here I sit. The roasting pan with chicken, potatoes, zucchini, and butternut squash is in the oven, filling the house with the most amazing aroma. The coffee pot is set to start brewing at 4:20 a.m. in the morning, I’ve showered, and the clothes I’m wearing tomorrow have been chosen.

Now to write and read a bit. What to drink while I wait for supper? Most evenings I just have water. Lately, as the nights begin to fall earlier, I’ve been steeping tea — though the 100+ temps here in Southern California mean that, in order to catch that “autumn” feeling, one must dip the air conditioner below 75 degrees and stay inside. *Sigh*

So wine it is! As I type, I’m engaging with a glass of Joseph Filippi 2011 California Chardonnay. Consider it my effort to consume more fruit. If I had any more fruits, beside raspberries, it’d be a fruit cocktail.

I don’t believe in regretting what you couldn’t really change in your life at the time it was happening. That’s wasted energy. But I do have one regret à that I didn’t drink more when I was younger and, especially, when I was in Paris. I’ve wasted a lot of my life being completely and pathetically sober.

You would think that the French part of my ancestry would have kicked in, say, when I was at least 18, but no. I laugh when I go to the doctors and the nurse asks, “How much alcohol do you drink a week?” My answer has become standard, “Not enough.”

I dream of going back to Paris and hanging out where all the ex-pats did, sipping wine and writing. I’m sure the reason I’m not published already is because I did not drink enough wine along the way. Silly me. Always grabbing coffee or tea, when I should have been pouring Merlot or Chablis.

Ah, Paris, where artists drink old wine, eat baguettes, grab vegetables fresh from the street vendors on a shadowy afternoon, and do nothing but write — breaking only to read the paper, or an old book, and talk with friends,old and new.

Photo of my writing desk, taken by my daughter, when we were in Paris.

Someday Paris, I will return to you and we will paint the town pink. In the meantime, I’ll start honing my consumption skills, as I eat roasted chicken and vegetables, washed down with good wine, here in suburbia U.S.A.  {Oh, wait. The Presidential Debate is on tonight — perhaps I should grab a shot glass and the Jack Daniels instead.}


  1. I understand when you say always grabbing tea or coffee when you should be pouring Merlot or Chablis. I’ve made that mistake too! Never too late to learn a new skill.

  2. K – I am REALLY wanting to go to Paris now! A friend of mine student taught in England/Paris/London and they even had wine for LUNCH!!! Can you imagine? Maybe we are just too uppity over here, huh?

  3. Sounds like magic! Since my migraines got worse I had to give up wine and chocolate.. All the good pleasures.. So sad but I can dream about how nice that would be. A trip to Paris any way would be pretty special though.

  4. Your writing paints a delightful picture.
    Loving the idea of a retreat in Paris. Could that really happen?? I would come even all the way from Australia. Since I was 11 yrs old I have dreamed of Paris.
    xx Jo
    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. Love the post, I am a big wine drinker, love the way wine can change and enhance the taste of food. But like you when I was in Paris I did not drink nearly enough…if I go back would love to visit the vineyards. Congrats on being so dedicated to visit every blog in Flying Lessons!!!

  6. Loved your post Robin! I’ve never been to Paris. Wine is good! I loved that you had your fruit with your wine. Actually it looked very refreshing. Thanks for visiting everyone’s blog- you are amazing!

  7. I love the idea of a Paris lifestyle. Maybe in another life I’ll do that:) I will be joining a group of friends next week for a night of wine drinking and catching up. This post gets me in the mood!

  8. Lovely post! E-mail me if you’re ever in Paris again, it’s 1H30 by train from where I live (or come down to the Loire Valley, you’ll taste the wine directly in the vineyard!) xo

  9. First of all, wine or no wine, I’d love to have joined you for dinner, you had my mouth watering. But I wouldn’t have passed on the wine either. I had the opportunity to spend a very brief time in Paris a few years ago and my most beloved memory is of getting lost after visiting the Picasso museum, ending up in a little cafe that was obviously all regulars..shouting across the tables to one another as they relaxed after work. How I’d love to spend a month or two in a hidden neighborhood like that, absorbing that ambiance. Thanks for your post, for the lovely vision of a soul satisfying meal and for the reminders of Paris. XOXO

  10. Don’t worry BFF I made up for it and drank enough for the 2 of us!! =0) Lovely post, sorry I’m a little late with my comment.

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