I Want a Pantone 2013

Change of Seasons by Liz Green / Jeffinous
Change of Seasons by Liz Green / Jeffinous

“The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul.” ~ G.K. Chesterton

I’ve been taking some of the extra time I have to read through a plethora of blogs I subscribe to and this week they all have a common theme: New Year’s Resolutions & Goals. Seems reasonable considering that we are headed into a new year. However, those resolutions and goals always center around the same few quests: God, Budget, and Health.  Isn’t it a given that we would want to get to know God better, be more frugal with our funds, and shed poundage?

With the coming of each new year, I, like so many other women, am also fully aware that I need to concentrate on cleaning, clearing, and organizing around my home. There are those things that just never seem to go away. The constants in life that harass us from day to month to year…repeat.

This is how my love sees our home library.

book jumpled 2

This is how I see it.

Books white library

Although I definitely seek to do all of the above better THIS coming year, I really want a Pantone 2013. I want a year drenched in color. A year dappled with the colors I love and sprinkled with new colors I have yet to discover.

I am starting 2013 with an art-journaling course: Life Book 2013. Art = Color and I intend to refresh my palette.

The resolutions and goals I really need to shoot for in 2013 are to: (1) Read more, (2) Write more, and (3) Paint/Draw more. To help bring those to fruition, I really need to: (4) Travel more, (5) Drink more, and (6) Laugh more.

wine book travel

My man and I have to seriously plan more weekend getaways. Time away for just us. Time away from our home that isn’t always about our family or our friends. I need to allow myself to imbibe guilt-free. I’ve often joked about enjoying more wine — I really should DO so. As long as I’m not behind-the-wheel of a vehicle, or watching wee folk, or attempting to balance the budget, I should relax and partake whenever possible. I’m a skip and a small jump away from 60, I don’t think I need to wait until after a certain hour of the day to do so. And I most definitely need to steal moments of laughter along the way. Those moments Kodak used to advertise. The moments when I’m around family and friends when my only responsibility is to enjoy their company and muchness.

It’s time for me to color my world. It’s been lingering in the gray zone for far too long.

What colorful resolutions and goals will you attempt to fulfill in 2013?


  1. What a fun post to read. Love your goals and resolutions and the fun that you intend to have with colouring your palette in 2013. Enjoy the Life Book 2013 class. It sounds like an awful lot of fun.

    The quote you included really speaks to me…
    “The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul.” ~ G.K. Chesterton”

    I have to mention that I believe you have a typo in your post… there’s no way that you are a hop and a skip away from 60 years of age. I even went and clicked on your photo on your website… you look 20 or even more years younger than that. Serious. 🙂

  2. Robin- what a great post as you look into 2013. I love that you are going to “drench your year in color”! I can’t think of a better way to live your life. I too, am planning on a creative New Year, making plans already for some new classes.

  3. Robin,
    I chuckled at your library pictures as I believe the same is true for my family members as they view my library of books. They are strewn about everywhere and it is so difficult to let just one go.

    It can feel the colorful energy in your post and you strive for a more colorful 2013. Such wonderful action steps to fulfill this.

    I’m doing the Life Book, too, for many reasons. But, I’ll be thinking of you and “color” as I work on my next page.

    Cheers in 2013 to you! 🙂


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