Of January and Winter and Poetry

January. For some time now, January has been a transitional month for me. I suspect it’s been that kind of month for many others as well.

This is how I picture my home in January.

Captains Manor Inn

This is how it really is. {For sale –> California Winters!}

Our house 2

January is 31 days of cleaning, clearing, organizing, and transition. Cleaning rooms, clearing material over-abundance, organizing homes, and transitioning to healthier eating & exercise, better budgeting, and from old habits to new routines.

It’s a time to break for tea. I time to break for quiet. I time to break for knitting or crocheting,

hands knitting

for lighting candles and the hearth, and for poetry.

Robert Frost Snowing Evening

Snowy Woods vindrawebs

It is a time to take pause, reflect, and move forward — for we “have promises to keep” and “miles to go before” we “sleep.”

January. Transition. Pause.

It’s a good thing.


  1. What a beautiful way to start out the New Year. One of my favorite seasons, Winter. The snow, the crisp air, the beautiful fluffy blanket of snow, renders to a serene feeling. A house full of warm glow from the fireplace, candles flickering and a warm cup of tea, sitting next to the window looking at God’s beautiful creation, so soothing to the mind and soul – priceless!

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