Finish it February

Superbowl 2013

Now that transitional January has passed, I’m into “Finish It” February.  What can be a better lead-in to a month of “Get ‘er dones” than a good ol’ Super Bowl game?  Not much, really. So while families salute great teams everywhere with pizza, hot wings, and beer for wrapping up another season — I’ll be busy sticking Post-It’s throughout the house, garage, and inside my car as reminders of those 2012 end-of-year chores & 2013 goals I still need to follow-through on.

Emeril Lagasse

It’s time to focus on the 4-B’s {Bible, Body, Budget, and Blog} and go all N’Awlins Emeril on ’em –> BAM! –> kickin’ it up a notch!

Stay focused my friends.


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