La Vie est Toujours belle! Mercredi

Eiffel Tower Krissy

Every year as summer draws nearer I think of Paris. It’s been four years since I went to Paris with two of our four daughters, though it feels like it was just last July. Oh, Paris, I miss you!

There is nothing quite like waking up early in the morning and enjoying a cafe creme, while watching Parisians and tourists moving about. This open-air market greeted us one morning as we rounded the corner from our hotel. How delicious is it that Paris brings its vegetables and fruits to you! The rich and succulent colors make you feel healthier simply by looking at them.

Market on Streets

When the heat kicks up a bit, it reminds me of riding in the golf cart around the gardens of Versailles. If garden gnomes looked like this, every Parisian would have one. Don’t you think?

Garden Tam

And, if I didn’t know that this was my daughter, I’d think she was the owner of the palace. Can you imagine living in such opulence and beauty — every. Why, yes. Yes, I could!

Krissy on Versailles stairway

La vie est toujours belle et Dieu est bon! Joyeux Mercredi, mon amis!


  1. Paris is on my bucket list and this makes me move it up several notches. P.S. your daughter is beautiful!

  2. I was in Paris with my daughter when she was in high school, it was a school trip. Absolutely beautiful place to visit. I didn’t know you spoke so well in french. 🙂 Je suis d’accord ‘La vie est toujours belle, et Dieu est bon’. Tes photos sont très belles. Ce sont de beaux souvenirs de notre voyage plusieurs années passer.

    • Oui, de beaux souvenirs jusqu’à ce que nous retournions à Paris de nouveau. My French is very rusty, but I try. I’m much better at reading French than speaking it. Not many French speakers here in Southern California. 🙂

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