gallery Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes

Changing leaves 2

“Time may change me
But I can’t trace time…”

David Bowie had that right. Changes are coming {some, like my weight, have exploded on the scene}.  Much like John Lennon so amply put it, life keeps happening when I’m busy making plans {to budget, to exercise, to cook more, to bake more, to knit more, to…name your poison}.

At least, for now, one of those changes is coming into fruition. I’ve taken the plunge to revamp my blogsite.

I went back to the drawing pad and began brainstorming, again. What look do I want my blog to have? What emotions do I want it to emit? What voice, my voice, is the closest to my soul-speak? How will I share that voice?

Brainstorming does a mind good.
Brainstorming does a mind good.

Eventually, I chose a format that I think will work better for what I want to share. Changes — some occur naturally, some come unexpectedly, some need to be pondered on before making {especially the ones that require cash}.

computer and coffee

Since it’s way too hot upstairs in my writing studio, I’ve been hanging out downstairs, here at my makeshift desk, our dining table. {Where, with all the file folders and paperwork and colored pens and magazines and binders and colored Post-Its, it looks like it threw-up on itself.}

I’m in the process of changes. Many changes. Changes that may even have me and my home looking like this one day. {Hey, positive thoughts, okay?}

California Coastal (mental?) Dreamin'.
California Coastal (mental?) Dreamin’.

What changes are you busy contemplating, or already in the midst of?

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