When Mending Voice & Soul

Sunflower field

When your voice gets ripped away from you mid-stream it’s hard to get talking again. I had this experience earlier this year. It made me want to change my blog site name because it felt undeservingly soiled. However, after pondering and praying on it, I realized that the name I had chosen for my blog really was the best. Grace and Wisdom are two areas constantly in flux: complex, complicated, and complete in their fluidity. Earlier this week, this verse spoke volumes to me:

“A fool gives full vent to his spirit but a wise man quietly holds it back.” ~ Proverb 29:11

Knitting green

I try very hard not to be a fool.

God is with me, always. I am showered with His grace and guided by His wisdom, Seasons of Grace and Wisdom – I’m living it – day by day.

Regardless of how upset I might be, I have no need to besmirch someone else on a public forum.  It’s cruel.

cup of tea

I’ve been a bit quiet here. Filtering out the noise. Mending the wound that cut deeper than I originally thought. Healing. Focused on making memories and sharing experiences.

I’ve been dabbling in my notebook and jotting things down on my calendar.  September – a month of new starts and awesome adventures.

Toasted Marshmellow

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