Pondering and Prayer

Bible Reading 3

:: studying

Reading through Luke 20: 1-47 this week, along with women all over the world, as part of the Good Morning Girls Bible study here  http://www.goodmorninggirls.org/ .

:: what I’m watching this week

Haven sleepy hollow

Because you just can’t get too much of a supernatural thing going on this time of year.

:: what I’m reading

September 23 2013 126

Almost done with THE QUEEN MUST DIE: And Other Affairs of Bees and Men by William Longgood. “After killing her rivals…the new princess spends the first few days of life preparing for her great moment: the mating flight. If successful, she will kill the reigning queen, her mother, and herself take over as mother of the hive” (114) –> and we thought humans were freaky-deaky.

Nearing the end of WORLD WAR Z by Max Brooks. “Yes, they were lies and sometimes that’s not a bad thing. Lies are neither bad nor good. Like a fire they can either keep you warm or burn you to death, depending on how they’re used” (166).

Still plodding through LES MISERABLES {Victor Hugo}. It is not a book to be rushed through apparently. “Javert was born in prison to a fortune-teller who read the cards and whose husband was serving time in the galleys” (144).  One sentence that says volumes about the underlying angst of this character.

:: making by hand

September 23 2013 130
“Cornelius the Crab’ by Sue Pelletiere Grilli

Finishing up a scarf that my mother-in-law started before she passed away five years ago. It was one of the few items I requested to have when my father-in-law passed on this past March and my husband, along with his eleven siblings, had to sadly participate in the task of going through their home. Hers were the last fingers to knit and purl with the needles seen here before I began where she left off. How precious are the memories that some treasures bring?

:: the week ahead

Meditation class Tuesday night. My first. Doctor’s orders — hope it helps to relax my body and soothe my weary brain.

Meeting with a trainer at the campus gym. Have to work on this root-beer belly. No, seriously, I do.

Yoga. My second class. My first time attending was last Thursday. First time EVER that I’ve taken yoga {although I’ve thought about it for years…decades?}. Couldn’t understand what was getting in my eyes and what that sound was that I kept hearing. Sweat. It was sweat people! In my eyes and dripping onto my mat! I was not aware that yoga made you sweat. Not a pretty sight, I’m sure. Although I’m fairly sure that yoga was meant for skinny-minnie hippie-types to practice, I’m not giving up. Besides I’m one of the youngest in a class of 1960s flower-children. No, really, I’m sure one of them has a faded photo in their wallet of their great Woodstock excursion in ’69.  “Peace, Love, and Dylan, man.”

:: looking forward to October

keep calm and dont lose your head

and things that ride headless in the night.

What’s your week looking like?


  1. Hmmmm, you are taking meditation and yoga and I’m taking Combative Fitness…..does that say a lot about our personalities?? 😀

  2. Meditation and yoga are exactly what I also need. As for fitness that is also another aspect that I need to work on for my wellbeing. I managed to get the weight off mostly now to get the “get fit” part started and keep that momentum going. I just loved seeing your knitting project that your mother-in-law had started.

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