Day 3:: The Skinny

Orange flower Day 3CUP

The cup wants to be lifted and
used, not broken, but carried

carefully to the next. The cup
knows there’s a state for you

beyond this, one that comes with
more vast awareness. The cup

looks still, but it acts in secret
to help. Sometimes you pour cup

to cup: nothing happens. Pour
instead into your deep ocean-self

without calculation. If eyesight
blurs, find a railing to follow.

~ Rumi

Sometimes we have to drift away from the static of sameness. Even, maybe especially, when we blog. To check and make sure that our eyesight isn’t blurred into seeing what isn’t there, instead of what is.

How often do we see ourselves skewed? Blurred by how we believe we should look or act? Yoga. I always envision skinny people on mats. But I, I am not so skinny. Where are the well-endowed in breasts and bellies? I have to believe that many like me seek nourishment beyond pork chops and ice cream. Oh, we have faith. We BELIEVE, but we need to work on getting ourselves in sync with our souls. Soul Food — it’s more than just believing, it’s being.

On the outside I appear plump and soft. On the inside I am skinny and determined.

I want my love handles to give way. To pour out what I feel inside and not hold it all in.

seeking self banner1

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