Day 6:: Short


Short. The word itself speaks brevity. I am finding that short makes impact.  Too many days pondering on tomorrow shortens today. Too many steps taken hastily erases the details. Too many words written loses the reader.

This commitment of 31-Days. Thirty-one-days. Long if anticipated as the days in the month. Short if recognized as one month in a year.

Short can be a lifetime. A birth. A graduation. A wedding. A funeral. The waiting for all is long. The event — short. Over before we realize we were there at all. Or.not.there.anymore.

The challenge in the 31- Days is not the writing. It is the being.

Orange Bird 1

A BAD YEAR {excerpt}

We don’t have to accept life pitched this way,

one of us says at the funeral of a distant friend.

we admit to each other much later, after consuming

a quantity of cancer-producing but vintage liquid

that life is not what once it seemed to be:

an endless tangle of plans — what to do,

who to see, where to go, how to get there…

What a year it’s been for those around us

~ Daniel Halpern, “Something Shining” poems

seeking self banner1

One comment

  1. Oh my, what a beautiful post. Thank you Robin. Thank you too for being so kind as to request my permission to include my artwork on your blog. I am thrilled. It’s lovely to see and such a nice surprise with that poem coming to me at this time. Short, it is. Short and sweet. One day, is actually quite enough to deal with don’t you think? So much to be grateful for. Thank you.

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