Day 7:: Food for the Body and Soul

Sue Grilli art
Poppy by Sue Pelletiere Grilli

“God always takes the simplest way.” ~ Albert Einstein

Often the simplest way is either through the heart or stomach. Perhaps this is why both God and food comforts. Last month I became hooked on the meatloaf recipe I share here. I hadn’t made meatloaf in over a decade and, suddenly, I found that I craved it. So I started pulling some of my cookbooks off the shelf. All I can say is — best. meatloaf.EVER.

My husband has been working the night-shift for nearly twelve years now. Monday through Friday we work different shifts and, therefore, I find myself alone on the weeknights. It’s not as much fun to cook a great meal when the one you want to share it with isn’t there and you know that, by the time they eat, your great meal will be stone-cold. *sigh* But autumn came and this year, this season, the kitchen and cupboards were calling.


I always eat peas with honey,

I’ve done it all my life,

They do taste kind of funny,

But it keeps them on the knife.

~ Anonymous

If you are in need of inspiration, whether it be faith or food, here are some of the blogs I find are just.plain.awesome.

Manger 1Mimi Thorissen lives in the town of Médoc in France. Manger {mahn-jay} serves up deliciousness like no other. From chicken to oysters, her blog and recipes make my mouth water. Her husband, I believe, is the photographer who so exquisitely captures their life and table.

Remedial EatingThen there is Molly Harp of Remedial Eating. If life had given me a different ball to play with, hers is the life of children and cooking I would have mirrored.

Seven Spoons

Tara O’Brady — what can I say about her blog Seven Spoons other than, her dishes are special?  The epitome of comfort food. Nuff said.

Yellow House

At The Yellow House, Sarah, always has something great going on at the table. An invitation to dinner at her home would be the thing that mailboxes dream of having inside them just waiting for you.

Branch house

When I am in need of some cozy home-style reading and cooking, or baking, I head over to Susan Branch. I have been following Susan for over a decade now and absolutely, hands down, love everything about her. She is bi-coastal, too, making her home on Martha’s Vineyard and in Central California {she is a Cali-girl born and raised, but an east coast-gal at heart}. Susan is a gem!

Heart of my home

I do not sew {yet}, but Elizabeth Foss makes me want to learn how. Her uplifting posts at In the Heart of my Home, about her family and community, speak volumes. Take a peek at her world and her devout faith in all things of God.

Holy Bible

This post would not be complete without including Ann Voskamp. Her book is amazing because her voice and heart are awesome. When ever I need a heart lift this is where I go.

What blogs do you visit for inspiration?

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