Day 17:: Sealed with Love

Oranges Day 17

I am in need of some serious letter writing.

Writing. It’s what I do. And there is nothing quite as mind-&-heart unfolding as a letter written. Not typed. Not emailed. Written with the h-a-n-d.  That extraordinary appendage that comes with five digits capable of holding a pen to paper.

Letter writing behind

No slap-dashing words here. No, Sir. Ambling thoughts gathered in detail. Pruned a tad, or allowed to grow all willy-nilly across stationery chosen for the season.

No smacking of keys and then slamming, “SEND.”  More of a get up from the desk and mosey over to the kitchen, put the meatloaf in the oven, then saunter back, sit down, relax,  “Now, where was I..?,” kind of sharing.

Letter Writing 1

A letter, a connection between me and who? Me and YOU, of course! Not of the pop-up in your, “You’ve Got Mail!,” box sort – but the, “Surprise!,” in your mailbox variety.  No “click open” and “click close” here.  More of the touchy-feely. Hold me, r-e-a-d me, linger a while.

Letters, like gifts given, are sweeter when sent with no expectation of the receivers responding promptly, or even in kind.  {Though it is delicious when they do.}

Letter mailbox

No pressure.  Just a walk down the road, thinking of you, with no particular destination in mind.  And if you happen to be walking towards me going the other way, even better. Let’s stay here, right here, for a spell and chat.  What’s that you say? You have to run some errands and need to scoot along?

That’s okay. I’ll still be here, right here, when you get back — and we’ll continue where we left off.

Yes, I am in serious need of some letter writing.

Letter Writing 2

“Or don’t you like to write letters.  I do because it’s such a swell way to keep from working and yet feel you’ve done something.”  ~Ernest Hemingway

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