Day 20:: Halloween Countdown

Orange Halloween Day 29

In seeking self, one must always be aware of those things that bring them good feelings. I have always, AlWaYs, loved Halloween. When I couldn’t give much to my children, I made sure to give them Halloween. The Bangles may call it Sunday, but around here Halloween is our Fun Day.

White witch 1


A lady called the Patient Witch,

Lived near us long ago.

Our servants gave her off and on

A bit of coin or so,

To tell them what their dreams could mean,

And if their loves were true;

To study out their palms and say —

‘A palace waits for you.’

And then she always was polite,

And said, ‘how do you fare?

I hope your little girl is well,’

With a most pleasant air.

She mumbled much, we knew not what —

Each afternoon would wait

Beside the guide-post to the west

For some exalted fate.

She looked down every road as though

A stately coach was due,

To bear her home to somewhere else,

To folks she really knew.

‘One evening,’ said a little boy,

The only one anigh,

‘She told me pretty stories, and

She kissed my curls goodby,

And turned into a swan and spread

Her white wings big and wide.

And flew and flew into the sky!

And I came home and cried.’

— Vachel Lindsay

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