Autumn color

This is the Autumn scenery I think of when I think of growing up back east.

Autumn Calif

This is what it looks like here in Southern California. Green, always green. I’m not a lover.

October used to be fun, but in the last several years it’s just become an extension of blah-ness. With temperature in the high 80s, it’s really hard to get into a blustery, fall mood. Too hot for a fire. Too hot sip tea and read a good ghost story. Just too hot to do much at all.

In years past, I’ve started decorating for Halloween in mid-September. The months are going by too quickly and they look all the same now. There are those who don’t believe in global warming, but I do. Oh, yeah, I do BIG time.

So let me stop here and share with you some of our decorations of the past. My spirits may lift a wee bit and you may get some ideas of your own.

At least I hope you can enjoy cooler weather.

Autumn Hallow

Autumn Hallow 2

Autumn Hallow 3

“And the goblins will get ‘cha if ya’ don’t watch out!”

I’m linking up with some wonderful ladies in a blog circle, so please take a moment to visit Amy Riddle for some wonder insight into All Things Autumn in her town. 🙂  And when you’re done reading Amy’s, saunter on over to read Ginger Deverell’s and Naz Laila’s too.


  1. Robin, I soooo understand! I lived in Orlando, FL for 10 years – we only had summer, really really hot summer, slightly spring, and back to summer. Ha. Nothing ever dies there. The trees and bugs are always alive and thriving. My friends and I would just turn the air on to make it really cool in the house and pretend it was winter so we could wear the scarves we knitted. I think I tried extra hard to make it feel like fall and Halloween. I would love to visit your bar! Redrum!?! I love it.

  2. Aw, no autumn colours or cold crisp air? I can see why you’d be sad. When winter sets in though, I will be thinking of you all sunny and warm while the rain falls endlessly here in Vancouver! Focus on the positive dear gal. 🙂

  3. Oh I’m not even sure how I found myself here Robin, but I’m so glad I came by. This is a lovely post. Beautifully and authentically written. I loved it, and the pictures were the perfect punctuation points. .. Well done.

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