Living Lent: Nephews

Lambs Nephews

We have many lambs who follow the Shepherd in this family.

I’ve been giving some thought to our nephews lately. Boys not our sons, or grandsons, but still boys of the family. Our family.

We have quite a few and they are all so wonderful in their differences and destinations.

One a former Navy man and now one of New Jersey’s finest — continuing to protect citizens.

Snowy Jersey Beach


Another in the midst of learning to minister to others; his brother a professional tango dancer currently living in Paris, but traveling around the world.

One who is raising four children, working hard, and keeping a wild sense of humor.

The one living with a half a dozen children in Austria where he teaches.

The one raising two gorgeous daughters. Girlie-girls who ride horses and aren’t afraid of dirt.

His brother working hard to raise his three children down the hill.

Another who dabbles in photography and is the father of a gorgeous little girl.

One who stays quiet and to himself a lot, but has a love of classic rock and guitars.

Much like his cousins who hold down day jobs, while playing in a band at night and on weekends — raising families of their own.

Two more who live in Arkansas; rarely seen, but deeply loved just the same.

Over the last 12 years we’ve lost two. Both standing at the gate with St. Peter to welcome their grandparents, I’m sure.

Another who lives in Idaho, raising three sons of his own.

And his brother, whose sweet wife posted THIS this recently on Facebook:

Fortune Cookie surprise

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