Lady Grey and Me

Kleenex waded up on tableLately, Kleenex boxes are the only colorful items I can see within my reach. For over a month now, as coworkers and friends and strangers-among-us have coughed, sniffled, and sneezed, I’ve been gallantly keeping the germs away. And then, last Wednesday, the ooglie-booglies caught me and made me their slave. Emotional weather patterns, a full calendar, tax and tuition loan stress made me ripe for the Sinusitis radar to zone in on my system. And while I haven’t fallen completely off the wagon, let’s just say I’m hanging on, tangled up in the rear wheel spokes, with my jeans nearly half-ass.

dead flowersEven the flowers in the vases on our dining room table took ill and died.


Tea and cakeI’ve been gulping down Lady Earl Grey (and her partner, Earl Grey) tea and sweets. A little something sugary just naturally goes with tea, amiright? I’ve mentioned before that Lent, THIS Lenten Season, seems to be particularly focused on testing my patience and tempting my will power.  And while I’m not ready to shout out, “FAIL!,” I am prepared to admit that eating healthy, yoga, and meditation have seeped away into the waded tissues that surround me and have caused my wastebasket to runneth over. With barely two weeks left of Lent, I need to pull myself back up onto the wagon and get a grip with the big B’s: Bible (prayer & meditation), Budget, Body, and [this] Blog. I may even have to add some Bailey’s in there somewhere.

Keep Calm and breathe

It’s at times like these that I am reminded of Job, “When I looked for good, then evil came unto me: and when I waited for light, there came darkness. My bowels boiled, and rested not: the days of affliction prevented me.” 30: 26-27

May you overcome temptations and pass your tests with flying colors as Lent begins to fade away with the coming brightness of His glory.

Blessings, dear reader


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