Collecting My Thoughts

Orange unassuming flowers

Listening to:

Birds softly chirping through the open sliding-glass door. It’s been nearly two weeks of triple-digit, or near triple-digit, heat here in So Cal. So when the temperature dips below 95 degrees it’s time for my stir-crazy self to fling open the windows and doors and let the (kinda, sorta) breezes in. I’m enjoying the relative quiet of this morning, too. So quiet that I can hear the hum of the laptop and the whir of the slow-moving fan.

Living liturgy:

Father Imo spoke of treasures mentioned in the readings for this week. How often do we overlook the treasures we seek? And when we do find treasure, do we take the time to sift through it and separate the useful from the useless? And do we hear Him? Him who stands on the X and leads us to the treasure?

“Brothers and Sisters: We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his [or her] purpose…and those He called He also justified; and those He justified He also glorified.” — Romans 8: 28-30

It’s strange to be in the middle of life’s comings and goings and then realize that maybe, just maybe, you are aligned with the liturgy and exactly where you need to be in the process of finding and sorting through your treasure, your purpose, your call(ing).

Recently, a revival of sorts has been happening with a group of writers and mixed-medium artists that I’ve been a member of for almost two and a half years. We are nearly 600 members strong. No easy feat, then, to rally everyone to the FB tent so that we can see where everyone is in their creative endeavors and give support to those whose work may have begun waning.  One way we pump up spirits is to intentionally go through our blog / website roll call. And as I visited the sites of my creative colleagues, I came across this quote from Rumi leading into her piece, and used as a title to one of her works, LOST IN THE CALL:

“Let the caller and the called disappear; be lost in the call.” Rumi

Then, as if on cue, one of our daughters “pinned” the following Pinterest find on my FB wall:

Hello Darling

When it comes to intentionally focusing on THIS purpose of mine, He is definitely calling me — August is going to be Awesome.


004Still methodically plodding through LES MISERABLES. Completed Diane Keaton’s THEN AGAIN and following up my “marked for summer” reads with her second book LET’S JUST SAY IT WASN’T PRETTY. Totally loved the first book; my love button is still out-for-service in regard to the second. And I’m finding AN AMERICAN STORY thoroughly engaging.

Books I need to seriously dive into as I focus on my writing and creative endeavors.

001Books to boost spirit and soul that I also want to dip into.

003My eye-glasses are updated, though time may be an issue.


Very little on television during these dog-days of summer. However, I am looking forward to the new WAHLBURGERS show coming out soon.

Looking forward to:

Beach Day Friday with grandchildren and the Longshoreman. For several summers now, I’ve been gathering as many grandkids as possible (we have 12) on the Fridays I have off (the university I work for goes to a 4/10 work schedule during the summer months).  It is a way for the cousins to play and share together, and for the adults to not have to run around much to find them. This summer has been moving at a far different rate than the previous ones and this, sadly, may be our one and only BDF this year. At least the first and last one that may have all twelve grandkids able to join in before the school year begins again. Everyone in one place, on the sand, enjoying the sea. I need more photos like this before they are off and running life on their own.

Beach Buddies


Giving thanks for:

Friends who don’t mind holding off giving you your birthday gift until July when you’re birthday was in March — especially when their gift is spending a day at the spa with you. The timing couldn’t have been better as THIS month was extremely stress-filled at work and a soak in the hot spa water, followed by a massage, were way more necessary now than they could possibly have been last March.

Colleagues who keep tabs on you and your work so that you don’t fall into a virtual abyss.

Letters from friends and family in the mailbox. {Love me some old-fashion communication.} Smiling at this:

006received from our oldest daughter who couldn’t resist a rainbow unicorn-kitty box of notecards from Hallmark.

Keeping it short and sweet this time.

Blessings, dear reader



  1. What a lovely long post. Mid-Summer, extreme heat, total expansion of heart energy, opens us up to whats possible. Taking time in the shade on hot summer days, hanging in the hammock allows us time to see clearly that which we seek. This time and my winter are both invaluable, so too is spending time with grandchildren. Thank you for reviving our big group into visiting each others blogs. As always its amazing what these connections can bring. 🙂

  2. Felt like I was spending an afternoon catching up with you. So relaaxing. Nice set of books to tuck into ( stealing a few titles ). Yes pressing the reset button in our class of 600. Perfect timing. Every time we visit each other’s blogs gives us an opportunity to get to know each othe better. Enjoy August .

  3. I’m loving this post, Robin. It feels like we are sitting at the coffee shop as old friends visiting about how we’ve been. Talking weather, books, grandchildren, our love of God and mostly, how it seems like messages about who we are and where we are just happen right in front of our eyes if we are awake enough to pay attention. Gosh, I love days like that and spirit just flows through me when I recognize how treasured our lives are.

    Now. . . those books. You read like I do. Books everywhere. Several going at one time, I’m guess? The Untethered Soul is a game changer. Read it again and again.

    Shari 🙂

    • Good, I’m glad! Many of us needed an itty-bitty nudge in the buttocks if truth be told. SO happy to be reconnecting with you and all of our Sister Flyers! 😀

  4. I love the way you write Robin and I love the connection you made in the thread weaving from the liturgy to the rumi quote and being open to the serendipitous posts that appear in your news feeds. You saw what you needed to take from it all. It takes great trust and an ability to be open to receive. Yes, I think you are going to have an awesome August! 🙂 I also love your pile of books. I too have a huge pile…if only there was enough time to immerse myself in them and absorb them all! 🙂

  5. Wonderful blog of mid-summer delight. And yes, letters in the mailbox are just delightful and sometimes life saving. I just received a special small colorful card, I will carry with me daily as the words are powerful and warmly soothing. My reading piles (plural) are stacked around my bedroom. I am nose-deep in the latest Gabaldon book and will have to DVR “Outlander” when it comes out next week, so beyond my bedtime.

  6. Those books! So many of them are mine too 🙂 Piles and piles everywhere, holding so much promise… Loved your collection of thoughts.

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