Simply Sunday

Canadian Goose

I often miss the Canadian Geese that would migrate at this time of year, flying over the city and sometimes landing on the grass on the medians of the busy streets of downtown Detroit. Nature always finds a way to grab your attention.


 :: Start of Day

Call me a nerd, but there is something about going out to retrieve a newspaper, or two, from my doorstep on a Sunday morning that says, “The world may be in turmoil, but it’s still a good day. A good life.” Ad coffee or tea and good becomes great.

:: Listening to

The whir of the ceiling fan and the kick of the air conditioning — still. I can’t remember when we last turned the air conditioning off. August’s triple-digit temperatures have morphed into September’s triple-digit replay. We are at that strange transition between the Dog Days of mid-August and the Indian summer of early autumn. Sumtumn anyone? I believe in the concept of climate change — even if the earth does goes through cyclical periods of weather changes. The hot of Southern California was not this long and unending in 1971 when I first came to live here. Eighty-degree temperatures on Christmas Day were a rarity; now it’s a total possibility. Someday I hope to wake up to a thirty-degree high and snow-laden palm trees on my block. I will then go out and stand on my driveway, hands on hips, and shout, “I TOLD you SO!”

:: Pondering

What it is to have a competitive spirit? Where is the line drawn between encouraging participation and demanding, or egging on; between good fun and hurting or offending?

What is it to care about someone’s health or well-being? When does caring become comparing? Where is the line drawn between being supportive and criticizing?

And how does one protect their feelings if they are on the receiving end?

I am reminded of grace. Grace He freely gives to us and grace we are expected to extend. Perhaps, Random Acts of Grace? Although, truly, not so random.

“You are fairer than the sons of men; Grace is poured upon Your lips.”  — Psalm 45: 2


:: Around home

Everything is a bit topsy-turvy around the house right now. I have been cleaning, clearing, and organizing in preparation for seasonal decorating. Halloween month is coming. Every year I tell myself that next year I’ll be ready and then I’m not. I blame it on the flooring.

In 2011 we removed the carpeting from our living room in exchange for wood flooring. I love the sea and my home is filled with lighthouses, shells, and other beachy things in an effort to bring the ocean to the desert. But here’s the thing — floors are like beds. Have you ever noticed that if you make your bed it makes your whole room look somehow clean and neat, regardless of the mounds of stuff or clothing you have scattered about? It has that effect because it’s the biggest piece of furniture in the room, the centerpiece, the focus.

Well, after four years, I’ve come to the conclusion that one should not change the flooring in their home without purchasing new furniture first, or at the same time. What once offered me a certain coziness in my day, doesn’t right now. Our furniture and fixtures don’t match the mood of the flooring. At least not to me. So I’ve found myself struggling to implement the cozy into the decorating as autumn and the fun, or holy, days of the season approach.  I’m not a “material girl” but I do like my surrounding to have a certain kind of flow and rhythm as the seasons change on the calendar.

Perhaps I’ll find a bit of inspiration and a few ideas when our daughters’ website launches next month. You may find a few ideas to help your home front come together as well. Check out their Facebook page here and LIKE their page if you want to be one of the first to receive notice of their website debut post.

:: Crafting & Creating

The shift from working 4/10’s on the summer work schedule on campus back to a regular 5/8 work week takes a toll on accomplishing much during the week. Add to that the incredibly hot and dry weather we’re having and, well, my energy gets zapped rather quickly. Oftentimes it’s a major accomplishment just to write a blog post. My sister has been delving into her creative energy this past month. She’s been anticipating the pending holidays and making lapgans. She also lives in Michigan where it is WAY cooler and her schedule isn’t nearly as hectic as mine. I find myself envying her abundance of time and cold temperatures, especially at this time of year.

I also have a dear friend who lives in Ohio and is busy at her card-making craft in the studio her husband lovingly built for her. Her schedule is perhaps closer to mine, but I still envy her being able to hunker down and embrace the change of seasons, both visually and climate-wise, as autumn approaches.

It’s hard to think of football and tailgate gatherings and pumpkin harvests when your neighbors are packing the cars with beach balls and sunscreen for a day at the beach.

It even confuses the ice cream man. The other day as he drove down the street the music from his truck shifted from “You are my Sunshine,” to “Silent Night.”
005:: Planning for the Week Ahead

Working at my day job aside, I hope to have all of our Halloween decorating nearly completed. The goal is to have it up and ready before the onset of October. We have another “40th” birthday coming up next weekend as another one of our sons-in-law celebrates with a Pedal Pub Party. Participants apparently ride bikes from pub to pub within a small area of the beach (where they live) and then have their bicycles picked up, loaded into a truck, and then follow the truck in taxis back to the hosts’ home. Sounds like fun and we were extended a courtesy invite from our daughter who is planning it, but we wouldn’t be attending even if it was an actual invite for two reasons: (1) Another daughter is planning a surprise for us next weekend as a combined birthday gift (mine having been in March and Dad’s being next month) and (2) I’d probably be weaving on a bicycle way before I ever consumed a drink. Better to leave me guarding the birthday cake at the house with a bottle of wine.

Here’s hoping that your Sunday is everything you need it to be.

Blessings friend.






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