September Saturday

September Leave 7It seems that the older I become the easier it is to turn every Saturday into a lazy Saturday, even, or especially, when there is much work to do. In six months, I will begin my ascent towards the horizon of sixty. 6-0. It’s an incredible feeling to know that such a succulent age is drawing nearer. Adjectives swirl around: Scrumptious, Scandalous, Sexy, Sensual, Smart, Simple, Sacred, Sacrosanct, Sage, Salty, Sanguine, Saucy, Seasoned, Snappy, Stellar, Sophisticated, Sparkling, Spirited, Spiritual, Splendid, Spontaneous, Sporty, Stunning, Sultry, Surprising, Superb, Sweet, and my favorite, Swashbuckling. I know it’s hard to fathom from where you are sitting, but I’m actually excited about approaching such a serendipitous age. I know that there are other adjectives certain people will want to use to describe sixty; some possibly humorous, most probably cynical. Those kind of observations are better left to a different conversation in another space; not now, not here. Truly, I have no idea if I will actually reach the age of sixty, or if I will live out the entire decade, for, “A person’s days are determined; you have decreed the number of his months and have set limits he cannot exceed,” (Job 14:5).  Therefore, it only makes sense that I should look forward to reaching the milestone with equal anticipation and awe.

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Human beings. We’re a funny lot, aren’t we? We want to live long lives, but we don’t want to grow old. So many want to be gorgeous at all ages. They spend time and money to look 30 at 50, then dress as if they are 20 and take “Selfies” as if they are 16. What happened to growing old gracefully — grace-filled? Oh, I am for being, or becoming, healthier. However, healthy isn’t necessarily thin. Healthy isn’t necessarily tan. Healthy isn’t necessarily dressed in a bikini. Healthy doesn’t attempt to recapture its sea-nymph status of bygone days. Healthy is to maintain. To maintain physical energy and stamina so that the body you have can function at its best. To maintain mental agility and alertness. To maintain emotional well-being and balance. To maintain spiritual awareness and growth. Being healthy has less to do with physical appearance and more to do with being comfortable in your own skin, as well as pleasing and attractive in your behavior. Growing old gracefully — that’s healthy, that’s living life to its fullest.

September Leaves 5

September will always bring thoughts of new beginnings: new school year, new holiday season. September also brings thoughts of growing: in age, in wisdom. September cradles reminiscing and reflection; sends forth hope and wishes. September is a month of planning, of preparing, for both short-term and long-term events. Sometimes we human beings get stuck in a planning loop that bypasses the process. We make plans for ourselves. We make plans for others. Often we even begin to dictate what others should be doing, should be planning. And yet, if we believe, we know:

“I have plans for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11

Plans not just for us, but for others, too.

September Leaves 2

It’s good to show that you care about yourself. It’s great to show that you care about others. It’s beneficial to plan for a healthy future. It’s supportive to offer suggestions to others. It’s especially favorable though, to you and everyone else, to acknowledge that the plans you make for yourself, the suggestions that you offer to others, may not be exactly what His plans for you and them might be.

Next month I will be joining The Nester for her 31-Days of writing. I hope to engage in a grace-filled process of making changes to my overall health and well-being.

Grace, it does a body (everybody) good.

Someday Sixty.

Blessings, friend.


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