Loving: Day 3

Pumpkin on the Beach 2

Michael Faraday to Sarah Barnard from Love Letters

[December 1820]

My Dear Sarah,

It is astonishing how much the state of the body influences the powers of the mind. I have been thinking all the morning of the very delightful and interesting letter I would send you this evening, and now I am so tired, and yet have so much to do, that my thoughts are quite giddy, and run round your image without any power of themselves to stop and admire it. I want to say a thousand kind and, believe me, heartfelt things to you, but am not master of words fit for this purpose; and still, as I ponder and think of you, chlorides, trials, oil, Davy, steel, miscellanea, mercury, and fifty other professional fancies swim before and drive me further and further into the quandary of stupidness.

From your affectionate


Do you ever find yourself mired in a “quandary of stupidness” after a long day of working both inside and outside the home? I know that I do.

We need to fix that, my friend

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