Monday Muster: Day 6



October Octopus

Sometimes Monday’s zero in on you and then swallow you whole.

Here’s to everyone dragging their bodies out of bed to go to work another day.

Here’s to the kids who are dribbling toothpaste in the bathroom sinks preparing for a new week of class time and assignments.

Here’s to the mamas who work each hour of every day and three times as hard on a Monday, it seems.

Here’s to those fighting for their lives with every breath.

Here’s to those fighting the tears as they watch loved ones and friends “fighting for their lives with every breath.”

Here’s to the human race.

Show a wee bit of TLC to yourself and a little more to those around you.

Take a bite out of Monday for yourself before the day has a chance to devour your time and energy.

— Peace, Love, & Bobby Sherman, my friend



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