Cafeteria Lady::Day 8


Truth is I haven’t been able to sit down and write about anything cohesively most of this week. It is assumed by many that as you get old(er) the season of life you are in will slow down – considerably – and you’ll find SO much time to do the things that you’ve always wanted, or newly want, to do.  Well, you know what they say about assuming…

I love that man of mine, but what gives with his not wanting to make his own lunch?

“Honey, you have more time than I do to make a lunch before you go to work. Just make your own lunch.”

“I won’t make a lunch, but if you make it, I’ll eat it.”

I work days. He works nights. I get up at 4:20 a.m. with forty-minutes to shower, feed the cats, grab my gear and my coffee and go! So squeezing in the makings of a sandwich and fixings for another lunch, besides my own (which sometimes isn’t a go) is stressful. Small-time stressful — but stressful nonetheless.

Sandwich 1He gets up around 10 a.m. and doesn’t leave for work until 1:15 p.m.

Time is clearly on his side for lunch box duty.

I don’t get it. You’re either hungry or you’re not when lunchtime rolls around. Surely he is. After all, he never forgets to take the lunch I’ve made for him and he never brings the lunch box home still full.

He’s a curious fellow that man of mine.

So here it is Thursday and about the only accomplishment I can attest to this week is managing to make him lunch every.single. morning.

Sad, I tell you. Sad.


One comment

  1. LOL, when I was younger and making my own lunch one evening for the next day, I had a similar conversation with my hubby only he was being a bit demanding (not asking). He didn’t think the fact that I was working was a good reason for him to help make them. I decided to school him. I fixed his lunch…I closed the lunch box and put it into the fridge. He took it the next day without looking at what I had packed…later he told me it was a good thing he carried toilet paper in his truck. I had packed the entire igloo lunch box with green grapes. He was just hungry enough all the way out there in the country to eat the grapes…all of them…LOL. Needless to say, he never demanded that i fix his lunch again. Oddly enough he actually volunteered to help pack lunches after that.

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