Gathering Thoughts in Mid-October: Day 19

Orange Leaves Day 11I miss being able to see the colors of fall outside of my windows, or as I drive around our town. Living in Southern California the scenery doesn’t lend itself to many colors beyond desert earth tones and ocean blues. Summer colors all.year.long. I love the beach, but autumnal hues or winter whites and grays create a depth of nature’s palette that I could really use right now.

In the Kitchen::

A new faucet. Well, not quite yet. The Man is working on it as I type. That smell I caught about three weeks ago? You know, the one I told him about? He did a quick check and didn’t find anything. He should have checked better, he says. Turns out the faucet was leaking underneath the sink and a party of mold moved in along the soaked cabinet boards.

What I’m listening to::

Guttural sounds from the kitchen that aren’t acceptable to write down here.

What I’m reading::

The New York Times Sunday paper. My new guilty pleasure.

Living the Liturgy::

“The Lord detests lying lips, but He delights in men who are truthful.” — Proverbs 12:22

Those little white lies we tell to keep a surprise or secret. When we skirt around a conversation so as not to give something away. Sometimes they work in unison with the universe and all turns out great in the end. Oftentimes they get tweaked and twisted by unforeseen snags in the plan and fall apart, piece by piece. I can roll better at times when everything is just up front — cards all laid out nicely on the table.

“Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.” –Proverbs 21:23

Who needs a tiger to get their tongue when God is SO much better at snagging it? Kvetching isn’t tolerated. God is good. He catches me in my transgressions and makes me accountable.

Old dogs may not always learn new tricks, but they have been known to forget the rules.

What I’m looking forward to::

Hopefully, a quiet, uneventful week both at home and at work. And celebrating, albeit low-key, my Man’s birthday.

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