Rolling Back: Days 11 thru 17

Halloween Living Room

We are a Halloween family. We love to decorate. We love to visit pumpkin patches and haunted houses and Halloween-themed places.

Twins 40 NOLA


Our twins celebrated their 40th birthdays in New Orleans. Twin A asked if we’d watch the gkids for the weekend they were going to go. Twin B asked her in-laws if they could watch the gkids.

Goldilocks and the Three BearsWe have four daughters and we’ve always loved Halloween. The twins’ due date was October 31. They were born October 10. God bless them — October has evolved into their month. They love to plan for the birthdays and they enjoy going places and doing activities with their own wee families throughout the weeks and on the weekends.

Sally Vern

Flo and MayhemThey enjoy making their own costumes and come up with some fun ideas for themes.

Halloween GK 1

Years ago we started taking a Halloween photo with the grandchildren.

Halloween GK 2We really get a kick out of doing it and so do the grandkids. As our daughters’ families have grown, and grown up, it has become often difficult to gather everyone together on any given weekend day during the months of September or October to take a group photo. So here and there a year or so has been missed — and MISSED!

When we were asked to watch the grands for the weekend that their parents would be celebrating out-of-town, we thought, “What a great time to plan for a Halloween picture!” But it wasn’t until some friends and another daughter suggested it as well that we began to take the idea seriously. Some people look forward to receiving Christmas photos from their family and friends — our family and friends look forward to receiving our “Halloween with the Grandkids” photo from us.

Leaving for a weekend trip can be time-consuming and hectic, so we decided it might be better to keep mum on our plan and surprise the twins afterwards. What we didn’t plan on were a few hitches and glitches along the way.

In the beginning, I was thinking of how great it would be to perhaps do a Day-of-the-Dead theme.  However, I nixed the idea because we also wanted it to be somewhat spontaneous and a surprise to the grandchildren as well. So in the end, we chose to use capes and masks. This way the children wouldn’t have to change clothes or don make-up.

Then one of the twins posted this photo on Facebook.

Celebration of the Dead

Making me think again of how cool this theme would be and, also, reminding me of how much easier and fun it is when all four of our girls are involved with helping us to make the Halloween photo happen. For we are old and always in need of assistance to pull off our hair-brained ideas.

We love to collect seasonal artwork from the grandkids.





But these are the pieces of art we enjoy the most.

Halloween 2014 Sophia (2)

Halloween 2014 Middles (2)

Halloween 2014 Joshua and Elijah

Halloween 2014 B (2)



Halloween 2014 Biggies


Hauntingly yours, dear friend








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