Something Winter This Way Comes

020It’s only been within the last few weeks that the weather has been somewhat seasonal. Autumn usually comes during the week of Thanksgiving and then, “BAM!,” it’s wintertime. We need to alter our calendars here in Southern California. Shift them over by a month: Noctober, Dovember, and Jecember would do nicely.

It’s Christmas Eve Day and I’m already thinking of my New Year goal. It’s settled, on January 1st I am going to start cleaning my house for Christmas 2015. It comes that quickly. (Or so it seems, anyway.)

For the last several years, we’ve celebrated Christmas with our clan here. This house that once seemed so big, is now small in comparison to other homes, so we will be gathering at one of our daughters’ homes tomorrow. It’s going to be a crock pot Christmas. It’s not a new concept to some, but a decidedly fun alternative for us. I’ve looked through several recipes for crock pot macaroni ‘n cheese dishes and, ultimately, have chosen to use the recipe for the one that a coworker brought to our department Christmas luncheon. If it turns out as good as it tasted at the party –> translation: “If everyone, especially the grandkids, like it” –> then I will share the recipe afterwards, in case you’d like to make it for any New Year’s Eve potlucks you may be attending. Deal?


Heim Beach TreeToday will be a day of restful preparation: reading, writing, and attending Christmas Eve mass. Offering family and friends up in prayer for a joyful and meaning-filled Christmas Day, and that everyone — those who are alone, or homeless, or living with less than — will have enough to fill their physical and spiritual hunger.

Carpe Spiritus Christi!



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