The Quiet Days of the In-Between



 “I’m now resigned to the grown-up reality that something about Christmas will always make me want to wiggle back…[and]…find my spot in a smaller universe.” — rebecca rene jones


Listening to::

The soft hum of the furnace. Woke up to the thermometer reading 61 degrees and thought it might be a gracious gesture on my part to turn the heater on, and take the chill out of the air for my husband. We are polar opposites when it comes to body temperature. 61 degrees is rather balmy to me; not-so-much to him.


Finished reading, HELLO FROM THE GILLESPIES, by Monica McInerney and am now reading, THE CHRISTMAS LETTERS, by Lee Smith. The former is a novel with letters mixed into it; the latter are letters made into a novel. I chose these books as December reads for two reasons: (1) they are holiday reads keeping with the season and (2) research of sorts, since the book I am writing deals with letters (of the snail-mail sort). The two reads are widely different in their structure, which is an asset in determining how I want my own novel to be framed.

I am fighting the urge to pick out anything else from my bookshelves to read until I’ve completed reading these two choices.

Taking Care of::

A temporary crown that wants desperately to pop off, again, and a strange swelling underneath my left eye. I am to get my permanent crown on my tooth on New Year’s Eve day. I have determined that the swelling is not a sty but, perhaps, an allergic reaction to wearing eye make-up to Christmas Eve mass. So much for glamour. I’ve been placing a warmed teabag on it here-and-there (old wives’ medicine or not) which seems to help break-up whatever is going on underneath my skin. If it doesn’t dissipate within a few more days, I am going to have to include a visit to my doctor in this upcoming week. Also, I’m nursing what may be a cold of sorts. I say “of sorts” because it’s not full-on — probably due to the flu shot I received making it difficult for it to take hold completely and morph into something more.

Winter Tree branch

Living Liturgy::

Keeping in mind that we are still in the midst of the Christmas season. That Christmastime doesn’t end with Christmas Day but, indeed, merely begins. Today is the fourth day of Christmas and I would like nothing better than to be gifted with four calling birds, though I doubt I will be. Instead, we are making a Christmas visit to the home of one of our sons-in-law’s parents. They have generously invited us to holiday events over the last few decades — some we’ve been able to attend, many in which we were not. So, since my husband took vacation this week and is well-rested, we decided it would be a good time to make a friendly visit. Sans all the holiday hubbub, it should be an amiable opportunity for sharing.

It is not always easy for us to plan visits due to our different work shifts during the week. ALL of our together-time falls on the weekend. One of our yearly resolutions is to spend more time with friends. I’m hoping that 2015 is the year we actually fulfill that resolution.

Anticipating in the week ahead::

An MRI to insure that no damage was done to my skull when I fell and whacked my head on the end of a table at the end of October. The doctor says I’m fine, but was gracious enough to set up the MRI to satisfy my own desire to know “for sure” that I am okay. (Though many, I’m sure — especially family — would probably say that I’ve been a bit cracked for decades now.)

A visit to the dentist to have a permanent crown put on. The last crown of eight! All to replace childhood fillings that have seen better days.

The making of a 2015 budget — in the hope of attending a family reunion back east in August — and the paying of bills. As well as shopping for small New Year’s gifts for our neighbors and friends. I’ve decided to be kind to myself and relegate some gift giving to fall during the 12 Days of Christmas. Doing so helps to take an enormous amount of pressure off the seasonal “To Do” list leading up to Christmas Day and also makes the downward slope from Christmas Day jocularity to the “day AFTER Christmas” blahs less felt.

And there is the annual end-of-year ritual of prepping the wall calendar for NEXT year. Am I the only one who does that anymore, now that we have iPhones with calendars? I am a wall calendar fiend.

Here’s to walking gently into another year.

Emmanuel, friends.



  1. Fun read… and I stand in solidarity with you as a fellow calendar fiend! I enjoy preparing the kitchen calendar for the new year (and yes, I do use my mobile phone calendar, too)!

    All the best to you in 2015#

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