JANUARY: The Monday of the Year

Snowman 1

January. If it were a day of the week, it would be Monday. You know, that day you want to avoid but know that you can’t. Not really anyway. Because if there’s one thing you hate worse than Monday, it’s making Tuesday your Monday.

Like Monday, January is when we get things rolling. January is for doing, whatever that doing may be. I suppose if we are to continue with the analogy, February (as well as March, April, & May) would be Tuesday. Tuesday is for continuing. Continuing what you were doing. Tackling the list.

June and July would meld into Wednesday. Hump Day. Wednesday is the day where, ideally, you’re at the bottom of your list of “To Do’s.” The BIG items are scratched off and you’re just about ready to tie this list off.

September. Well, September is the new Thursday. By this point in the year / week, you’ve tackled all the heavy chores and are preparing to wind down.

Friday. Ah, Friday. Friday is the mullet haircut of the week, which is what October is for the year: business in the front, party in the back. We are making our plans for the weekend, looking forward to a relaxed ending to a long week, a long year.

November ambles like Saturday. Different “To Do” list, one that is only slightly demanding. Mostly the list consists of things you want to do for yourself, for your home, family and friends. November, like Saturday, is a settling in. It’s preparation for gently easing into Sunday.

December. December is SO Sunday. Mostly good things. Warm things. Peaceful feelings. Places and people to connect with, be with, heal with. It’s not that less-than-good-things won’t happen on Sunday. It’s not that emotions won’t tumble in December. It’s just that somewhere in that mix is magic. Magic that works as a balm to soothe, to refresh, to protect us from the harshness of another week, another year, ahead.


So January.

Even though I live in Southern California now, January for me carries the essence of Michigan.

January is slate-grey in color.

January is snow.

January is hot and hearty food.

January is wearing a hoodie, with slippers, covered by a throw.

January is dig-deeper book reading, soft music, old movies.

January is To-Do lists.

January is a hunkering down; a getting down to business.

January is quiet.

Let it be January, my friends.


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