White Out (Erasing Life As We Know It)

TAWC SeriesIt started with my thinking about the new summer mini-series, THE ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB. I thought, “I’m really enjoying everything about this show. The fashion, the attention to details of the era… I should buy the book.”

TAWC BookI bought the book. Then I thought, “No one really buys books anymore. Not actual handheld-put-an-actual-bookmark-in-to-mark-your-spot books.”

015Books that you can see and that leave telltale clues of the person who owns them?



Books in home libraries and on coffee tables and nightstands.

Insight into the character of a home and the people who occupy it, now relegated to a tablet, a Nook, a Kindle — hidden from view.

And what of photographs of family and friends that used to decorate walls

Photos on wall

and line shelves in living rooms


Pictures V

or pepper end-tables and den shelves? Now everything is digital. Lives captured and floating in a virtual darkroom; seen only when the camera or computer or iPhone is turned on — or when shared on social media or in an email.


And what of letters?

023Now life shared via a quick email, a few posted words, or a sound-bite on social media.

I began to think, “Everything tangible is disappearing from eye-view.  How will we access a life once lived when the technology is turned off for the last time and passwords are forgotten?

How will we remember when everything that once held our memories is erased completely

and our homes are whited out?”

And I became sad for a loss I could not fathom.


  1. Robin, I still buy “hold in your hand” books! I am currently reading through “Unbroken” ( amazing ). I, too, have been watching “The Astronaut’s Wives’ Club” as that is my era. I was in college and following the space program intently as all unfolded. it is nostalgic to see the clothes and the “top pot luck” specials all so much a part of my life back then.

    I have photos on my wall ( although some also in digital albums ) but there is nothing as special as having God’s gifts of the years surrounding me where I can see them ( including all being held in my bookshelves ). I’ve some books from my childhood, my college years and many I kept from my years as a teacher at the elementary classroom level.

    I also have a “mug full” of bookmarks from various places ready to reach for.

    All this said, I can join you in feeling a sadness that this current generation and the generation raising them may never know these joys. They may access joy differently but I am not sure how conversations or communications surrounding said memories and gifts are initiated.

    GREAT and thought provoking post.


      • Amen – and I am nearing stepping IN a door to have my devotional book printed to be a “hold in your hand” book and it is more than fascinating as I am learning all that goes into that process.

        I have had reasons to be in a “author’s group” on FB where the majority of the members are writing a book in a weekend and tossing it onto Kindle or fastly getting their work done and formatted into an eBook. I am not judging what they are doing as it seems the way of this current generation. They want lots of reviews ( I am thinking Amazon with this statement ) because the more reviews sends them up into a “best seller moment” on Amazon and – well, you get my drift.

        So, I will trip over my books that pile up here by my couch and enjoy the Fall and Winter days along with you – books in hand!

      • I would love to “hold” your book in my hands and read it, Lynn. Please fill me in on the title and release date. Perhaps we can insta-chat about the process you went through to publish as well. And maybe one day you can return the favor and hold a published work of mine. 🙂

      • I am a ways off from the “holding in hand” part, Robin, but will keep you in the loop as I make some progress. I have thoughts of blogging the process and will run that by the publisher ( self-publishing) to make sure they want themselves in that limelight although I’d feel they would welcome it. Thanks for all the encouragement and I will LOVE when the time comes that your book will be in my hands! ❤

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