Listening to the Living


“Texts and paintings are alike [says Socrates} in that they offer the semblance of life instead of the real thing. They cannot speak, and when you ask either of them a question, they remain impassive, and ‘preserve a solemn silence.'” ~ Jonathan Ree, I See a Voice

Writing. It is not as easy as it is often perceived. I write — therefore, I am aware of how vital it is to listen to what is written when I read. I have a work in progress. I have a blog in transition. I write letters: longhand, rarely typed. All three are separate, yet all three are extensions of me.

My work in progress is geared towards many people. My blog is a sharing among a more intimate group of kindred souls. My letters to family and friends are filled with the everyday, that combination of quality and quirkiness that shapes a life. A life lived and shared with those connected to and through the fibers of my being.

I speak within each area of my writing as I would like to hear the same from others. And while I read blogs where other writers share their lives, I prefer to listen to what is going on in the lives of family and friends in more personal ways.

Listen to your own writing. Who are you really speaking to?

Blues and Greens 31 Days of Listening

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