31 Days of Listening: Reason and Emotion

IMGP1252“Language has two fundamentally different forms: audible speech which occupies time but not space, and visible writing which occupies space but not time.” ~ Jonathan Ree, I SEE A VOICE

Passive / Aggressive — it was the buzz phrase in counseling circles of the late eighties and early nineties. Listen, if you don’t think you are ever passive / aggressive in your words or actions, think again. Truth be told, we are ALL passive / aggressive depending on our immediate needs and expectations. It’s human nature to want to voice our feelings, especially when we are deeply affected by someone else’s words or behavior (but. not. really.).

Reason tells us that being passive / aggressive about our feelings won’t necessarily result in a satisfactory return; the person whose attention we seek will probably miss the thump-on-the-head effort anyway.

Emotion begs us to say something anyway, to get it out, no matter how vague.


“Whatever listening style comes naturally to you, the best attitude is one of alert openness — emotionally, psychologically, and mentally.” ~ Maureen McCarthy Draper

We are human. Passive / Aggressive is what we do (sometimes).

Blues and Greens 31 Days of Listening




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