Listening to the Week’s Reflections

Hillsville, Virginia. Photo by Robin Heim

“The voice is the place where the inward subjectivity of individual spirits intersects with the social and historical reality of human languages.” ~ Jonathan Ree, I SEE A VOICE

Listening — Outside to::

The coffee maker sputter out fresh brew. The whoosh of the air conditioner as it cools the house from an unnaturally and not entirely welcome hot October. The creaks and crackles of a house that has been well-lived in.

Family vehicles warming up in driveways, ready to whisk children off to various sporting games. Neighbors ambushing the morning with lawn mowers and weed whackers. Cats mewing at the back door.

The not-quite-silent silence of a Saturday waking up.

Fruit 1

Listening – Inside to::

A body slowly healing. Glancing at the hospital wristband I’ve worn all week as a gentle reminder to r-e-s-t, whether at home, at work, or somewhere in between. Minimal errand running; maximum writing and reading. Women know. Women know that the absence of pain does not mean you are fully healed. And yet, women often overlook this fact and, with the absence of pain, automatically begin “to do” or “to go” depending on the external errand that needs tending to.

That pinch of sadness you feel when you realize that, because you aren’t the type to announce certain things on social media, one person in particular who you emailed about your pending surgery — and who you expected would call, text or email you to see how you were doing — before and after — never did.

The joy of celebrating the “birth” days of your children that erases the above feelings, and places all the people in your life in the proper perspective again.

Here’s to listening to the words shared by others, so that we don’t unconsciously dismiss the happenings in their lives because we are too engrossed with our own.

Communication is important in relationships.

Blues and Greens 31 Days of Listening

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