Meet Robin Heim

Hi! I like you already! Yeah…we are kindred souls, even though we may be walking and living {surviving?} through different seasons at the moment.

I am Robin, wife to Mr. EJ, mom to four daughters, mom-in-law to four “inherited via marriage” sons, grandma / nana to the Twelve Tinies, and daughter of the late Albert Gene Keahn.

Growing up, all I ever considered having were sons. I found out that God had a sense of humor when he gave us all daughters. At least now, I have 7 grandsons, who I can watch hockey with (Go Red Wings!) and catch bugs with and yell REAL loud with “for no reason at all” and watch monster movies with…although I really LOVE our 5 darling granddaughters, too.

I am younger than all of the above sounds and a bit heavier than I like to imagine myself as.

I was a motherless, only child, growing up. In my late forties, my biological mother {a.k.a., bio-mom} and my sister {“from a different mister”} permanently came back into my life. And I am so thankful that they did.

I am Catholic. {Which basically means that I like to dance and drink a good Guinness and whoop it up with family & friends and “wine” while I do housework and reminisce about growing up in a Polish-Catholic neighborhood in Detroit, where nuns wore habits and the parish priest was really a good man, and collect way too many rosaries and feel Catholic guilt even when I haven’t done anything wrong and I like to play, “BINGO!”}. I’ve studied the world’s religions and consider everyone a good person until proven otherwise by something they’ve actually done and not by what someone else, or the media, says.

I grew up on the lower east side of Detroit and moved to Southern California as a teenager. {My parents were divorced when I was a wee girl, my father died when I was a tender teen of 14 {he was 39},  and my stepmother was THE one Disney modeled the wicked stepmother in Cinderella after — so I came here to live with my paternal grandmother — and now that I’m married with children and grandchildren, I’m pretty much stuck here.}

I’m a grown-up tomboy whose favorite color is bubblegum pink and who modeled for a short time in her teens. {Go figure. No stereotyping here!}

I love dogs and I have a deal with my husband that when we can afford to buy him a new truck, I’ll get the two Irish Wolfhounds I’ve always wanted. {Currently, though, our savings account is not looking too promising.}

My favorite fun day is Halloween and my favorite holy day is Christmas.

I love to read –> just about anything, anywhere –> with the exception of Romance Novels. Bleck!!

Someday I aspire to be {dream of becoming, hope beyond hope to be, salivate over becoming} a “published” writer. The writing comes easy, it’s the publishing-into-an-actual-book-that-gajillions-of-people-will-buy-and-I’ll-become-ugly-rich (or at least be able to pay our bills without sweating) that’s hard.

Until then, I’ll just have to keep my day job at the university and Mr. EJ will have to keep his retire-and-fish-all-day-with-his-buddies-and-the-grandchildren dream at bay.

I am forever a student of the Gardener; learning how to tend to the arts of extending grace and weeding & watering wisdom.

And, for now, that about sums me up.


  1. Good work. It always makes me feel optimistic when I read your stuff. Doesn’t matter if it’s a letter, a short note or this blog, it gives me “warm fuzzies”.

    Glad we’re friends!

  2. thanks Robin for including me in your invitation. I read through your blog – and enjoyed it very much. I will be on the look out for more.

  3. Love your blog! Thanks for taking a look at mine. It has a ways to go. Fun to read that you found your bio-roots in your 40s….so did I and was blessed to be reunited before her death.
    Hope to read more of your blog, etc., best of luck. Enjoy the moment!

  4. Proud to be your friend, proud that we lived across the street on good ole’ Waldo Street. Your blog is a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to future writings.

  5. Hello,dear Robin!

    Nice to meet you really much!:-)))*
    Thank you for your visit and very kind words,it’s so important and very pleasnt to me!


  6. Love your blog, Robin. You are a treasure – a precious friend. I am thankful to have met you long ago, and have been blessed by your friendship again and again… n

  7. Hi Robin, Nice blog here! It appears that you have mastered the art, I like the visuals as well as your open, honest writing. Where do you want your writing to go (I get it that you want publication!) — will you be writing non-fiction, fiction, or somewhere in-between?

    I am leaning toward historical fiction at present.

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